The National Gun Owners Alliance is a grassroots network of citizens throughout the United States who are committed to protecting our Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms.”

Law-abiding Americans are under attack by government at all levels.

Anti-gun activists and politicians aim to make it next to impossible to comply with all of the red tape and bureaucracy in place in order to legally purchase and use a firearm. Other gun-grabbers are trying to stealthily rid America of firearms through the backdoor – by bankrupting firearms producers and dealers through frivolous lawsuits.

As an organization, we make it our highest priority to mobilize our members to pressure candidates to stand in favor of the Second Amendment.

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    Keenum was a record-setting quarterback at the University of Houston before spending last season on the practice squad. The undrafted free agent has played in several preseason games, but hasn’t played in a game that counted since leading the Cougars to a 30-14 win over Penn State in the TicketCity Bowl on Jan. 2, 2012.

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