Our forefathers had to pay very dearly to establish the liberties that we enjoy today.

Now it is our turn.  The right that we now enjoy to keep and bear arms came only though the wisdom and sacrifice of men like Nathan Hale, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

But the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Never in the history of our country has the Second Amendment come under such a concerted assault from politicians, bureaucrats, and big media as it has this past decade.

Restrictions on our gun rights like the so-called “Brady Bill’s” five-day waiting periods, semi-automatic gun bans, handgun registration and complicated and drawn-out training requirements do nothing to stop criminals.

All they do is force police to waste time with paperwork instead of patrolling the streets.

That’s why gun owners must be eternally vigilant.

We are a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of Americans, from every walk of life, committed to maintaining our Second Amendment rights, which are frequently under attack by the anti-gun lobby, and biased national media.

The National Gun Owners Alliance invites you to join us as we battle to roll back unconstitutional government regulation and bureaucracy, and protect our rights under the Second Amendment.